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Tropical  Spa Massage

 Let your mind escape to Paradise while Tropical Island scents

flow through your senses. Beginning with dry brushing your skin followed by Massaging you head to toe with Sunstone

crystals and Exotic oil blends from the Caribbean. Contrast therapy with LaStones will cool and warm the body at the same time putting you in a state of equilibrium. Next , A Cucumber 

 Melon Foot and Back Sugar Scrub submerged in Avocado

 and Grapefruit Masque wrapped in Steamed towels. Hydrated   with Tropical Shea Butter. Relaxing Facial steaming is

introduced along with Rose Quartz facial rolling coupled with under eye Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Eye pads to decrease puffiness and brighten the skin. Next a micro-current facial massage with multiple thermo light frequencies. Facial ice 

sculpting to close pores and reduce fine lines. Followed by a nourishing lip scrub and balm. Completed with a oscillating Peaches and Cream scalp oil Massage.

 Paradise is not a place its a state of mind! 

        2 1/2 HRs - $96
      June 1st ~ Aug 31st


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