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Spa Foot Therapies

Happy Feet

Our feet are often overlooked as a vital part
of our body. Improper footwear, standing for
long periods of time and foot pain can impact
your mobility. Foot conditions such as : dry 
cracked heels , plantar fasciitis and thick calluses can be prevented. Your feet are your
body's foundation and with regular pedicures
foot soaks , foot massages , and toenail care you can achieve optimal foot wellness. 



Pedicures prevent infections removing bacteria

and preventing fungus. Removes dead skin cells. Improves blood circulation. Removes calluses. Prevents ingrown and impacted 

toenails.  Reduces stress and increases relaxation

Happy Feet

Foot Soaks

Fancy your feet with a COPPER BASIN

foot soak. Soaking your feet in a copper

basin releases positive and negative ions which are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Then binding with enzymes used to make hemoglobin. This helps repair and heal the body.   

radisson foot bowl.png

Soaking your feet calms the mind and body improving cognitive function.

Thus , reduces depression and anxiety. Improving your mood. Relieves 

muscle tension ,aches and pains. Reduces congestion in legs, helping to  lower your blood pressure. Increases white blood cells boosting your immune  system. Soaking your feet helps bacteria from settling under your toenails. If you stand or walk for long hours or wear uncomfortable shoes. Foot soaks are essential for your healthy foundation of posture and over all well being.  


Foot  & Leg Massage

 Foot Massages Improves circulation which is often impaired by tight fitting shoes. Massage improves circulation in legs which helps with diabetes. Helps with foot and ankle injuries. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety. 

Helps with headaches and migraines with acupressure points. Lowers blood

pressure. Helps with flat feet and plantar Fasciitis. Foot massages alleviates symptoms of PMS and Menopause. Helps with Insomnia , Fatigue , Mood swings. Reduces inflammation/ edema ( fluid retention ) 

Detoxification Process

All the above therapies involve a natural detoxifying process 

through the feet targeting internal organs . Especially with soaking , massaging, metal work and acupressure points. Unless your getting a dry pedicure.

**NOTE** All Foot Spa Therapies come with your choice of Foot bomb , Scrub and Mask. Unless 

your getting a dry pedicure. All pedicures are done with Russian Pedicure Techniques which is extensive gentle E-filing.

Fall in Love with your Feet 


By appointment only


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