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 Energy Medicine

Spiritial Space Clearing

Have you ever enter a space and instantly it drains your energy. Or you feel suddenly overwhelmed or complexed with anxiety ? 

Well it's quite possible you just need to Spiritual cleanse your Space that you live or work in. Especially if you just move into a new house or apartment.Over time stagnant energy tends to hide in corners, closets or clutter. This can affect us as humans  lowering are vibrational levels altering our aura fields and possibly causing disease at some point. Along with Mind set ,it is very important to keep our everyday space flowing with good Chi (energy). Which is a balancing of Yin and Yang , positive and negative electromagnetic energies that flows through everything in creation including our space. Indigenous Massage & Wellness uses a Shamanic Tribal Medicine approach through ceremony and Spiritual Coaching. With over 30 years of experience in Spirituality , Indigenous wellness and Vibrational Medicine. Coupled with Client centered goals and outcomes. Your Space will be enlightened with an abundance of inner peace and subtle energies that will lift your Spirit. Restful sleep and over all fresh energy flow.  Spiritual Space Cleansing is (20 cents per Sqft ) And requires an in person Consultation which is $25. non-refundable                

 To make a Consultation Appointment please call or text.


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