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Before Care

       Do's  and  Don'ts 
          of  Massage            

Do~~ Shower before your therapy. Ask questions.       Avoid alcohol and Narcotics. Relax 15 minutes before to start the relaxation process. Do explain any medical conditions that you may have. Some conditions are contraindicated. Do Share your             experience at Indigenous Massage & Wellness with family and friends.


 Don't ~~ Drink Alcohol or do Narcotics 24 hours before     your session. Or if your sick or have a contagious conditions please let your Therapist know. Apologize for your hairy legs or pedicure.                         

After Care

 It is very Important to stay well     hydrated to flush toxins and waste. This will prevent next day soreness. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol for the rest of the day because they are dehydrating. Take it easy and Relax!

The key to Wellness

     is to accept


It starts within



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